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TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                      REVISED AUGUST 26, 2010


SECTION                                           TITLE                                                              PAGE


SECTION 1                                        STRUCTURE OF THE BOARD              2-3


SECTION 2                                        FEES                                                               3


SECTION 3                                        DATE & TIME OF MATCHES                  4


SECTION 4                                        MATCH FORMAT                                        4-6


SECTION 5                                        TEAM PROFILE                                            6-7


SECTION 6                                        STATE TEAM REQUIREMENTS                 7-8


SECTION 7                                        SCORING                                                      8


SECTION 8                                        MATCH SCORE SHEETS                                  9


SECTION 9                                        STANDINGS                                                            9


SCETION 10                                      POSITION ROUNDS                                            9


SECTION 11                                      POSTPONEMENTS                                       10


SECTION 12                                      BYES                                                              10


SECTION 13                                      FORFEITS                                                    10


SECTION 14                                      PROTESTS                                                   11


SECTION 15                                      SEASON END TIES                                                11


SECTION 16                                      AWARDS                                                       11-12


SECTION 17                                      ALL STAR POINTS                                              12


SECTION 18                                      BANQUET DRAW                                        13


SECTION 19                                      RESTRUCTURING                                        13


SECTION 20                                      SPORTSMANSHIP                                      14


SECTION 21                                      DISCIPLINARY ACTION                                 14


SECTION 22                                      NCDU DRESS CODE                                    15


SECTION 23                                      401, 501 CRICKET RULES                                    15


SECTION 24                                      WHAT THE BAR IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 16-17 




A.   The Board of Directors for North County Darters Unlimited shall consist of nine (9) active league members at all times, a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and five (5) Board Members. All Officers and Board Members will serve a two (2) year term. If an officer of the league resigns the remaining board will elect a board member to fill that position until the term is up for re election. If a board member resigns an emergency vote will occur. Nominations will be asked for and a vote will be taken.

      (See Emergency Vote in Section ‘K’)

B.    President: The President shall preside at all meetings. He /she will decide all questions of order. 

C.   Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President in maintaining the efficiency of all operations and in the absence of the President shall exercise the duties of the President. The Vice President shall be responsible for the Public Relations of the League. At the end of his / her term of office all pertinent books, papers, records, computer recordings and supplies shall be turned over to his / her successor.

D.   Secretary / Statistician: Issue notices of all meetings. Keep accurate minutes and records of such meetings and conduct correspondence of the league. Minutes shall be mailed to all Board Members with notices of all Board Meetings at least two (2) weeks prior to each scheduled meeting. Maintains weekly stats. Record and maintain pertinent information of all current league members in good standing. Keeps all membership information and distributes to all members as needed. At the end of his / her term all pertinent books, papers, records computer recordings and supplies shall be returned to his / her successor.

E.    Treasurer: Receive and maintain custody of all funds and financial records, including making deposits, pay required bills approved by the board and keep records of all transactions. He / she shall be required to submit a treasurer’s report at each board meeting and a final statement at the end of the season. Treasurer’s signature shall be one of the three (3) valid signatures on the current checking account, which will require two (2) signatures per check. At the end of his / hers term all pertinent books, papers, records, computer recordings and supplies shall be turned over to his / her successor.

F.    Board Members: Shall assist in the organizational process of the league. They will promote Public Relations, new membership and will have an active roll in all aspects of events, ie: blind draws, tournaments and banquets.

G.   Sergeant at Arms: A Board Member appointed by the Board to maintain order at board meeting and all functions of N.C.D.U.

H.   The Board Members are elected by the league at the Winter Banquet. The Board of Directors will elect the officers of the league at the first board meeting after the Winter Banquet. President, Secretary and Board Members 1 & 2 are elected even years. Vice President, Treasurer and Boar Members 3, 4, & 5 are elected odd years.

I.       All Board Members are required to attend the board meeting once a month. The Secretary will notify the board members at least two (2) weeks in advance of the upcoming board meeting. The board meeting will be the fourth Thursday of the month, time and place to be determined by the President, unless it falls on a holiday then the President will determine and alternate meeting.

J.      If any member of the board cannot attend a scheduled board meeting he or she must call the Secretary of the league at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance to be excused, unless an emergency has occurred. Any board member missing two (2) consecutive meeting without being excused will be removed from the board.

K.   Any league issue that arises during the season (including but not limited to replacing board members) there shall be an emergency vote put to the league through the team captains. This shall be submitted in writing to the team captains and in return submitted back to the board in writing through the team captains. “Majority Rules”

L.    The Grievance Committee: Shall consist of three (3) Board Members to be determined at each organizational board meeting.

M.  State Team Director: The State Team Director shall be appointed by the board at the Winter Organizational Board Meeting.

N.   The season ends when all of the monies are dispersed at the Banquet Blind Draw.

O.   Membership Committee: The Membership Committee shall be two (2) board members appointed at each organizational board meeting.




A.   All members of a team must be a registered member of N.C.D.U. A registered member of N.C.D.U. will pay a $35.00 non refundable membership fee. This amount will be used to pay all charges incurred by the league toward running of the league. Players joining the league at any time during the season shall pay the full league fee.

B.    All Bars sponsoring a team or teams will pay $60.00 per team per season.

C.   Individual player’s fees must be paid at the Membership Meeting, the third week of play. It is the responsibility of the team captain to see that the fees are collected and given to the Treasurer of N.C.D.U. Anyone that has not paid by the Membership Meeting will NOT be able to play until their dues are paid. If a members dues for a previous season have not been paid that

member cannot play in a new season until all monies are paid in full. If a check bounces the member must pay a $32.00 check bouncing fee or what ever the bank charges N.C.D.U. The bar sponsor fees are invoiced by the Treasurer the Monday before packet pick up. The bars have thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice to pay in full. The Treasurer will follow up with the bars.

D.   It is required that all members must submit to the league Secretary: name, address, phone number and e-mail address (if they have one). If a member refused to submit this information they will be ineligible to play in the league, due to F.D.A. requirements for league sanctioning. This information is exclusive to the league.

E.    The Captains have a mandatory meeting, (Captain’s Meeting), which will be the packet pick up night. At this time new rules will be explained as well as the opportunity to voice their concerns to the board. The first meeting at the beginning of the season, (Membership Meeting), is for members to pay their dues. All members must be paid at this time. The second meeting at the end of the season is an informational meeting to inform members of the upcoming banquet as well as end of season events. There will be a blind draw at both the Membership Meeting and the General Meeting.




A.   All league competition is scheduled for Tuesday Night except for those weeks when a recognized National Holiday falls on that day.

B.    Starting time for the first match is 8:00 p.m. sharp. A match not underway by 8:15 is subject to forfeit. This 8:15 p.m. limit will be strictly enforced.




A.   The playing line up for the single matches must be completed by the team captains by the 8:00 p.m. time limit. The team that is ahead on the current standing sheet shall give line up to the lower placed team. When the single matches are completed, the team captain then completes the line up for the Doubles Cricket matches. When Cricket is complete the team captain then completes the line up for the doubles 501 matches. If teams are tied in the league standings and also for the first night of play, a flip of the coin by the captains at the beginning of the match will determine who will give line up for the entire night’s matches. 

B.    The submitted line up will be the playing order for the match, with no substitutes or changes (with the exception of the 501 match where one (1) substitution is allowed at the beginning of each game). A substitution must be made before the cork is thrown. Once a player is replaced for another player, they may not return to any 501 game that night. The match will start with the first game of singles 401, and all 401 games will be played followed by for Division 1 only Singles Cricket. The second game will be Doubles Cricket. The final game will be Doubles 501. Each of these matches in each game will be played by the players in the order their names were submitted on the line up sheet. The playing order of all matches will follow the correct numerical sequence, i.e. player number 1 plays opposing player number 1 for the first match, etc. on down the line up sheet.

C.   All registered members of a team can be used in any order or any sport on their team’s playing line up, once per match.

D.   The Home Team has the prerogative of choosing the boards on which the matches are to be played. If two (2) teams are home on the same night, the decision will be made by a flip of the coin; the winner of the coin toss chooses two (2) consecutive boards.

E.    No later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the time for which competition is scheduled, the night’s playing board shall be cleared of play by the management if the establishment so that it will be available for players to warm up. It is also the responsibility of the Home Team Captain to see that the playing area is cleared by the thirty (30) minute time limit. All warm up activity shall be completed by the match starting time. IMPORTANT: After the practice session each player is allowed three (3) rounds nine (9) darts for each practice before a match.

F.    Any disputes that arise during the course of play must be settled in a private conference by the team captains only (not the entire team). If an agreement cannot be made, call a board member for a ruling.




A.   Each match consists of twelve (12) separate matches as follows:

Match 1: Eight individual games, the first four (4) are 401 straight on, double out. The second four (4) are American Cricket. Two (2) out of three (3) games in a row they are awarded three (3) points. If the games are win, loss, win, then one (1) point will be awarded for each game played.

Match 2: Two (2) Doubles American Cricket matches per USDA Rules. Two (2) out of three (3) games in a row they are awarded three (3) points. If the games are win, loss, win, then one (1) point will be awarded for each game played.

Match 3: Two (2) Doubles 501 matches, double in, double out.  Two (2) out of three (3) games in a row they are awarded three (3) points. If the games are win, loss, win, then one (1) point will be awarded for each game played

B.    There is a total of thirty-six (36) points for each Tuesday night match.






      A. Each match consists of eight (8) separate matches as follows:

Match 1: Four (4) individual games, the first two (2)) are 401 straight on, double out. The second two (2)) are American Cricket. Two (2) out of three (3) games in a row they are awarded three (3) points. If the games are win, loss, win, then one (1) point will be awarded for each game played.

Match 2: Two (2) Doubles American Cricket matches per USDA Rules. Two (2) out of three (3) games in a row they are awarded three (3) points. If the games are win, loss, win, then one (1) point will be awarded for each game played.

Match 3: Two (2) Doubles 501 matches, double in, double out.  Two (2) out of three (3) games in a row they are awarded three (3) points. If the games are win, loss, win, then one (1) point will be awarded for each game played

B. There is a total of twenty-four (24) points for each Tuesday night match.




Membership is open to all persons twenty-one (21) years of age and older.


A.   A team consists of a minimum of four (4), maximum of six (6) players, who will be registered with N.C.D.U. All members will use Steel Tip Darts.

B.    Twenty-four (24) Hour Rule: New members can be added the first two (2) week of the season. After the Membership Meeting any team adding a new member the captain of the team must notify the Membership Committee twenty-four (24) hours prior to the night of league play to have them cleared. The new member’s information must be faxed to the Secretary, along with the score sheet, the first night. The new member must pay their dues to the captain the first night of league play. The team captain must give the money to the Treasurer or a Board Member within one (1) week of the member’s first night of league play. If the money is not to the Treasurer or a Board Member within the first week the member will not be able to play and any matches played will be forfeited.

C.   There will be no adding of new players the last three (3) weeks of match play (not including meetings or holidays). There will be no switching players from one (1) team to another, except when a team folds or a bar closes. On a team that has six (6) players at the beginning of the season and loses a member they may replace that member to maintain a roster of six (6A). (See Section 2 Fees)

**All exceptions will be considered by the board. No paid member can be thrown off a team without board consideration**

D.   All members of a team who are present at a match must be played at least one (1) match. The player has the option of not playing at all, but if they are present it is the duty of the captain to play them at least one (1) match.

E.    The Board has the right to add a team to a BYE on the schedule if they feel it will benefit the league. Teams that want to be added must go before the board for approval.

F.    Bars must be established by the deadline for new teams (by the organizational board meeting). If a team wants to move to another bar during the season it will be by Board approval. The new bar will be responsible to pay the sponsor fees. There will be no refunds.

G.   Returning team will be place in the division they were in last season, except for the last two (2) teams in Division 1 and the first two (2) teams in Division 2.

     The following applies: Division 1: The last place team and second to last

     place team that keeps at least two (2) of their original members can move   

     to Division 2 at the start of the next season with the review of the team and 

     any new teams that join the league.

     Division 2: The first and second place teams that keeps at least two (2)

     original members can move to Division 1 at the start of the next season

     with the review of the team and any new teams that join the league.

     This will be decided by the board at the Organizational Board Meeting.

     The team captain will be notified of the board’s decision.




  A. In order for a person to tryout for the N.C.D.U. State team a person must

       be an active, paid and playing member of N.C.D.U. League and in good

       standing. That person must play two-thirds (2/3) of the season prior and

       during tryouts. They also must be an active, playing member of the league

       during the State Team competition.

  B. All State Team positions are open every year. There are seven (7) men’s

       positions and four (4) women’s positions. The coordinator of the State

       Team is appointed by the board. Once the State Team has been named,

       they will select a captain and co captain. The captain and co captain can be

       either shooting or non shooting members, but must be a member of

        N.C.D.U., the same requirements to tryout.

C. The tryouts will be held either during the Winter Seas or the beginning

     of the Spring Season. These tryouts will be governed by the Board of

     Directors. The format for tryouts will be 501 single in double out for both

     men and women. Three (3) games per match, points will be awarded

     accordingly. Those persons with the most points will earn a position

    on the state team. Once a member has been selected, for the team, they

    are not permitted to tryout for any other state team. If this occurs they

   will be removed from the team, and will be ineligible to tryout for the  

   following year’s team.

      D.  Members of the State Team must help with any State Team function,

   ie. State Team sponsored tournaments. A State Team Member is

   obligated to raise money for the team. If N.C.D.U. host’s any State

   Team event the state team members are required to help.

C.   All state team members are required to attend all meeting and practices. If      for any reason you can not attend you must inform the Captain. Any members that do not fulfill the requirements of the state team will be ineligible to tryout for the following year’s team.

D.   If is the responsibility of each state team member to maintain good sportsmanship conduct. The team captain and co captain are responsible to oversee that good sportsmanship is present al all times. Any inappropriate conduct will result in immediate removal from the team and brought to the attention of the Board of Directors for disciplinary action.

E.    The Board of Directors governs the state team. The coordinator and captain will report to the board periodically to inform them of any updates to the state team.   


       SECTION 7          SCORING


A.   The visiting team always throws the first cork in a match. There is a cork for each game thereafter. The loser of the game corks first. The winner of the cork begins the game. Any player involved in that match can throw the cork.

B.    If the first thrower’s dart for cork lands in the bull and the second thrower’s dart for cork knocks the first one (1) out and also drops, the first thrower’s dart stands and the second thrower shoots for cork again. All ties throw again, this includes when two (2) people throw a double bull, with the order reversed. If a dart sticks in any scoring portion of the board, that counts as the throw. There is no “triple ring rule”.

C.   Any changes made to correct mistakes in scoring must be done before the next player throws, otherwise the score will stand as posted.

D.   If a player throws out of turn, the opposing team has the option of having the round re thrown or allowing the round to stand as posted.

E.    Foot Fouls: (Standing over the toe line) If a player is found to be stepping over the toe line a verbal warning can be given by any member if either team. After the second warning in a given night any subsequent violations will result in that round of darts not being scored and the loss of his / her turn.

F.    Coaching of players is allowed only by that player’s own team. The player must step off the line to be coached. Only one (1) member of the player’s team may coach at a time.

G.   A player “busts” when their three (3) darts score more than their remaining score. When this occurs, the score remains as it was prior to their throw. The next opposing team player then takes their regular turn.

H.   There are no fast finished, such as three (3) in a bed, III, shanghai, etc.




A.   The score sheet will be kept and faxed by each captain for every week’s matches. Score sheets must be signed by both team captains. Each team captain is responsible for faxing the score sheet to the Secretary by 6:00 p.m. the Wednesday after the match. If the score sheet is not faxed by 6:00 p.m. Wednesday there will not be any match points or All star points awarded for that night of play and they will not be returned. Each captain must double check both sheets to make sure that the information is consistent on both sheets, team names, date of match and most important totals for match points and all star points match, before both team captains sign the sheets.

B.    If a score sheet is not filled out completely and correctly five (5) team points will be deducted. Make sure the team’s name, date, division and circle “home or away” are noted on the score sheet.




A.   A Standing Sheet and Cover Sheet will be faxed or e-mailed to each team member by Saturday, 8:00 p.m. following the match. It is the responsibility of the team captain to print, read and bring the standings and cover sheet to the next night of match play and inform their team of the happenings of N.C.D.U.




A.   First Place plays the Second Place team at the First Place’s home bar.

B.    Third Place plays the Fourth Place team at the Third Place’s home bar.

C.   Fifth Place plays the Sixth Place team at the Fifth Place’s home bar.

And so on.

        No Exceptions:

            If two (2) matches are to be played at one (1) bar, there must be at least four (4) permanent        boards. If less than four (4) boards the lower ranking home team (Division 1 holds precedence over Division 2) will play the match at a neutral bar. If both teams are from the same division the highest ranking team takes precedence, and the lower ranked team will move to a neutral bar. A scheduled match takes precedence over a position round. If a team is schedule against the “bye”, see “BYES”



There will be no postponements. Take this into consideration when you make up your team. Make sure you will have players for each match. You can have up to six (6) players.




There will be no all stars thrown for byes. The definition of a bye is when there is no team scheduled to shoot against an existing team.  The only exception is during a position round. If a team is scheduled to shoot against the bye they will be awarded twelve (12) points. The members of that team have the option of shooting for all star points in accordance with the forfeiture rule.




A.   A forfeit will be declared for failure of a team to attend a scheduled match. The entire thirty-six (36) points for Division 1, twenty-four (24) points for Division 2 will be awarded to the team attending. A team must have two (2) players showing up for a schedules match and will be allowed to play as many games as possible without duplicating within the individual matched, and will forfeit the respective number of points for each match not played. With regard to doubles, the team with eth lesser number of players shall have the option of playing these matches; however, they will miss one (1) turn each for each missing player in each round of play, i.e. a team playing against a team with lesser players would play turn for turn per number of players against the opposition. The doubles matches would have the light team throwing once against the full team throwing twice. If the light team does not desire to play one (1) person against two (2) in the doubles matches, (at the sole discretion of the light team) that particular double match is declared a forfeit.

B.    A forfeit consists of a missed match during either half of the season.

C.   If two (2) consecutive forfeitures occur then that team is considered eliminated. The all star points earned will stand. The teams that have not played the eliminated team will be allowed to throw for all star points. The team has two (2) weeks after the scheduled match was to be played to do this. All star points must be witnessed by a board member of an opposing team captain.

D.   The points of the teams that have played the eliminated team will be removed and there will be no points given to teams that haven’t played the eliminated team. The spot of the eliminated team now becomes a “bye”.





A.   The captain of a team may file a protest for any irregularity in a match. The opposing team captain must be notified at the time of the protest that the match from that point on is being played under protest. The match shall then be played to its conclusion. The protest must be written and faxed with the score sheet and a board member (list of board members is in the packet) must be notified by 8:00 p.m. Wednesday. Determination by the board will be made within fourteen (14) days at a special call board meeting. The captains are urged to attend. The decision of the board will be final.

B.    A protest may be posted by the opposing team for the use of an unregistered player. The use of an unregistered player will result in the entire match being forfeited. It is a team’s responsibility to accept the penalty of playing short if they can not field a full team of registered players.

C.   All members of a team who are present at a match must play at least one (1) match.




A.   If at the end of the season a tie exists between teams, the Secretary will go back and check the records for the matches played of those team’s head to head matches. The team with the most total points will be awarded the highest standing. If there is still a tie after this, a complete play-off will be held the Tuesday after league play ends. This only pertains to teams finishing in the top three (3) places in any division.

B.    In cases of ties in the All Stars, High In or High Out, all players will receive an award.




A.   Trophies shall be awarded to sponsoring bars and the individual members of the first, second and third place teams in all divisions. In the event a sponsoring bar is no longer in business at the end of the season, the bar where the team finished the season will get the trophy.

B.    In addition, trophy awards will be made at the end of the season for All star points. Points will be based on the following:

1. Round in Cricket (three (3) darts per round) computed on the following: The only scores that count here are the score that actually go on the score board. For example, if a triple 18 is hit but the player only needs 1 – 18 to close, then only 1 would count towards a round in Cricket, unless the other two can be used for scoring.

2. High scores (95 and over) in “01” including doubling in or out.

3. High In (doubling in, in any “01” game) scores will be kept for the entire season and a trophy will be awarded for the highest score for each division. A high score over 95 would, in addition, be added to the all star points section of the score sheet. For example, if a player scores 152 doubling in, that 152 would be listed under the all star points section of the score sheet on the line marked “140 to 159” and also on the line where it states “high in”.

4. High out (doubling out, in a “01” game) scores will be kept for the entire season and a trophy awarded for the highest score, men’s and ladies’.

5. A trophy will be awarded for a Round Of 9 in Cricket

6. A trophy will be awarded for a 180 in a “01” game.

7. A trophy will be awarded for 6 Bulls in Cricket.

8. A trophy will be awarded fir the first three (3) places on the all star list for each division, men’s and ladies’.




A.   All Star points will be awarded for round in cricket, high “01” scores and bulls eyes on the following basis:

     Round of 9      5 Points

Round of 8      4 Points

     Round of 7      3 Points

     Round of 6      2 Points

     Round of 5      1 Point

    6 Bulls      5 Points

    5 Bulls      4 Points

    4 Bulls      3 Points

    3 Bulls     2 Points

    180          5 Points

160-179      4 Points

140-159      3 Points

120-139      2 Points

95-119      1 Point


           NOTE: You can not combine all star points and add them together.

           Example, if a player shot 4 bulls and a triple, it would be a round of

           7, three (3) points only, it can not be counted as a round of 7 and 4



B.    In the event that a player is not matched up to a player from the opposing team the player would be awarded the forfeited game and has the option of throwing for all stars. The amount of darts to be thrown is as follows: 30 darts for 401, 30 darts for cricket and 30 darts for 501.

C.   All star points count in forfeited games up until such time the forfeiture becomes a bye. All stars must be witnessed by an opposing team captain or a board member.

 At the end of the season there is the N.C.D.U. Championship Cup Match. This match consists of the four (4) teams in each division competing for the   bragging rights of the cup. Format is as follows: This is for both divisions. The first night, the first place team plays the fourth place team. The second place team plays the third place team. The regular league format will be followed. A flip of the coin will determine who gives line up in the first set of single matches. The team that is ahead after the first set of single matches gives line up for the rest of the night.  The second night, the winners from the first round play each other, format is the same as league play. The first and second place teams have the home team advantage. If both teams are from the same bar a flip of the coin by a board member will determine who the home team is.  Both captains must attend the flip of the coin. If the team captain does not attend then the board member will decide where the teams play. Any discrepancies will be decided by the board and the board’s decision is final. The winners from the second night will have the bragging rights of being N.C.D.U. Champions and will receive the N.C.D.U. Championship Cup to be displayed in their home bar for the entire upcoming season. If there is a tie ant the end of any match 1 game of 1001 double in, double out, 4 on 4 will be played. Winner takes the nights match.




At the end of each season there is a banquet. During the banquet a banquet draw will be held. All paid members of finishing season are eligible.

The Banquet Draw will be formatted as follows: If there is at least 50% participation from Division 1 then those players shall be seeded and teamed up with a Division 2 player, which will be drawn at random. Determining who will be seeded will be determined by at least three (3) board members. If there is less than 50% from Division 1 then all members shall be drawn at random.


           SECTION 19          RESTRUCTURING


All restructuring will be done by the board.







A.   Good sportsmanship shall prevail during all N.C.D.U. matches. Attempts to distract an opponent while he / she are shooting will not be tolerated. Complaints may result in the board taking disciplinary action. If so requested by the thrower, all spectators must align themselves out of his / her line vision, behind the thrower’s position at the line. Heckling or other harassment is strictly forbidden. It is the home team’s responsibility to maintain the best order during league play and the captains are totally responsible for the actions of their team members.

B.   Any person or persons who willfully or intentionally disrupt a match, and bar, or the workings of N.C.D.U. will NOT be tolerated. The offender(s) will be suspended from one (1) to three (3) matches, or from one (1) to two (2) seasons plus current season depending on the severity of the offense. The penalty will be assessed by the Board of Directors and will not be affected by a change in the board members. Reinstatement will be by a board majority vote.




A.   The Board of Directors of N.C.D.U. reserves the right to either completely suspend a member’s player privileges or to place them on probation, any member of the league against whom complaints have been received. The probationary period would be determined by the board of directors, at the end of this period if no additional complaints have been received the probations then would be terminated. The complaints would have to be determined by the board to be valid before this action would be taken. Should additional complaints be received by the board during the probationary period, and should those complaints be determined valid, the board reserved the right to suspend such a member’s right to play in the league., in addition to his other membership privileges in the league. It is hoped that all persons participating in the league either as players of sponsors will assist in attaining the league’s overall goal, the enjoyment, betterment and promotion of the game of darts in N.C.D.U.

B.   Any member in violation of any rule, the board has the right to give written notice in the form of a “Compliance Notice”. The member will have a time limit to resolve this violation.





  SECTION 22                NDCU DRESS CODES


A.   All players shall dress in accordance with the rules of the bar in which they are playing. Remember, you are also representing N.C.D.U.


SECTION 23         401, 501, CRICKET RULES


A.   401: Scoring begins immediately upon the first dart thrown (no doubles needed). That dart, together with darts thrown thereafter shall be counted for score, subtracting from the 401 points. Each time there after the darts are thrown and counted for score and subtracted from the total until an out is reached, where doubling out can be achieved. To finish, a player’s last thrown dart must land in a double which would reduce the remaining score to exactly zero (0). For example, a score of thirty-two (32) remaining results in the last dart thrown at double sixteen (16).

B.    501: To begin scoring 501, a player must land a dart in the outer (double) ring of the board. That dart together with the other darts thrown after, shall be counted for score, subtracting from the 501 points. Each time   a dart is thrown the score is subtracted from the total until an out is reached. To finish, a player’s last thrown dart must land in a double which would reduce the remaining score to zero (0). See example above.

C.   USDA AMERICA CRICKET: Only the number 20 through and including 15 and the bulls are used. The object is to close (hit that number three (3) times either by three (3) singles, a double and a single or a triple) each of the numbers 20 through and including the bulls. In the event that number is hit four (4) times or more, the team doing this is awarded the score. This scoring only applies is the opposing team has not closed that number. If the opposing team is ahead in points, the point deficit must be made up by scoring numbers that the opposing team has not closed. Closing all numbers is not enough if you are behind in points. The point deficit must be made up. Bulls count as twenty-five (25) points for a single, and fifty (50) points for a double.
















1.     All league competition, including tournaments and play offs, shall be conducted on a Standard English bristle twenty (20) point clock faced dart board. The board shall be of good quality and not worn or dim. The Board of Directors has the right to require a participating bar to purchase a board of suitable quality. If the request is not granted by the bar, the board has the right to put the bar’s teams at another location until the request is granted.

2.     Dart Boards shall be placed 5’8” from the floor to the center of the bull, with the 20 bed at the top center and the 20 bed shall be dark colored.

3.     The foul line will be 7’9 ¼” from the surface of the board measured along the floor to the foul line, and will be 9’7 3/8” from the bull diagonally to the foul line.

4.     All league played dart boards shall be firmly anchored in excellent playing condition and well illuminated, preferable by iridescent lighting.

5.     A scoring surface, i.e., chalkboards, chalk, dry erase board, and dry erase markers must be provided by the bar and kept in good condition. The score board must be located in such a position that the score may be easily read by players and spectators.

6.     If the equipment in a bar is not up to standards the bar will be given a compliance notice and will have thirty 930) days to correct the problems. After that period it will be brought up to the board fot further actions.

7.     In order for a bar to have more than two (2) teams it must have four (4) dart boards permanently hung.




1.     No later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the time for which the competition is scheduled, the night’s playing board will be cleared of play by management of the bar so that it will be available for player warm up.









1.     The sponsor is to pay a fee of $60.00 per team, per season for their sponsorship. This must be paid by the third week of play in the season. The check should be made out to N.C.D.U.


  The management at the location of the match will be responsible for supplying and maintaining the league play dart boards, chalk, chalkboards, dry erase markers and boards, good lighting and foul lines.